What is hospitality?

Does the idea of sitting in an office from nine till five turn you off? Are you looking for a career with plenty of variety? Do you like meeting people? Like food? Enjoy travel? Then you’ll love working in hospitality!

Hospitality is one of the most interesting and challenging industries to work in and offers a wide range of job and career opportunities and an endless variety of places to work in.

Hospitality is the business of helping people to feel welcome and relaxed and to enjoy themselves. You may be providing them with accommodation, a meal or a cocktail or even entertaining them. But it is all about customer service and providing the best experience possible for your customers.

This website describes the different places you can work in and the types of jobs you can do. It also describes the training required and how you can get it.

There are so many jobs you can do in hospitality and provided you like working with people, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Whether you work as a food and beverage attendant in a hotel or restaurant, or a housekeeping attendant in a beach resort, there is always an atmosphere of fun, you will get a sense of achievement, and you will always make friends.

This website divides jobs available in the hospitality industry into four main areas:

These are generally how the sectors are known in a large hotel or casino but throughout hospitality there are similar job roles and classifications, depending on whether or not the business offers accommodation in addition to food and beverage services. The titles of jobs may vary depending on where you work.

New starters in hospitality pretty well always begin in operational jobs, whether or not they have done a course or have some hospitality sector training. But if you do decide to follow a career in the hospitality industry, you may quickly progress to supervisory or management positions. Top jobs include Food and Beverage Manager, Housekeeper, Maitre d’ hotel, Bar Manager, Executive Chef and of course, General Manager!

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